Video: "The Princess Who Saved Herself" - Jonathan Coulton

I briefly thought about not posting this, because by doing so I prove that I'm not infallible.  Because if I were infallible, I wouldn't be posting this video nearly 18 months after it originally went on YouTube.

But then I thought, there must be others like me who haven't seen this either.  So I'm sharing.  It's for Jonathan Coulton's stone-cold (and incredibly popular) track "The Princess Who Saved Herself" from the fine Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti compilation.

It's a fan video.  Not just any fan.  But a whole bunch of school students.  I don't typically like fan videos, but there's something about the match of the elementary school art juxtaposed against Coulton's whip-smart lyrics that warms my heart greatly.

Jonathan Coulton - "The Princess Who Saved Herself" (fan video) [YouTube]