Free Music (and New Video) from Todd McHatton

In the glass-half-empty/glass-half-full approach to looking at this, you could either say, "Stefan, it's been 48 hours since Todd McHatton made all his music free for download, and you're only telling me now? Grr!"

Or, you could be in the spirit of the season and view the glass as half-full (or more) and say, "Stefan, thanks for giving me 48 hours to download Todd McHatton's music for free!"

That's right, through Dec. 25, you can download of the California power/psychedelic popster's family-friendly music for free.  Just go to McHatton's Bandcamp page and begin.

And while you're downloading away, check out McHatton's latest self-animated video for his song "Santa Flying In Your Sleigh," a fun track from his Christmas Songs album, which he updates (almost) annually -- this year the update features a brand new "I Think I'm a Bunny" holiday remix.  Christmas joy to go around!

Todd McHatton - "Santa Flying In Your Sleigh" [YouTube]