They Might Be Giants To Reissue Deluxe Version of No! (Plus Free mp3!)

Yes, I'm excited and I'll use a few more exclamation points!

It is not hyperbole to call They Might Be Giants' 2002 album No! a seminal album in kids music, one of a handful of albums that actually altered the direction of the genre.

It was also a darn fine album.

So am I geeked to hear that the band is reissuing the album with bonus tracks to celebrate its 10-year anniversary?  Darn tootin' I am!

On June 26, 2012 exactly 10 years (and, er, 15 days) to the day after it was originally released, you can pick up No! in all its glory along with seven bonus tracks.

The bonus tracks include some live recordings ("Robot Parade" and "Clap Your Hands") as well as a brand new extended studio recording of "Alphabet of Nations."  (I can confirm that this new version is no less excellent than the original.)  The rest of the tracklisting I'm not at liberty to reveal at the moment, but I think TMBG fans of all ages will be pleased.

Anyway, I am pleased as punch to offer a download of "Clap Your Hands," one of the live bonus tracks, courtesy of the band (or feel free to simply stream it below).  If that doesn't merit an exclamation point or four, I don't know what does.  Yeah!

They Might Be Giants - "Clap Your Hands (Bonus Live Version from No! Deluxe Reissue)"