Video: "Frutero" - Apple Brains

Get Fruity album coverThere are those videos in which a gentle melody is accompanied by a similarly gentle animation featuring bunnies, perhaps, or very loving and slow-moving kids.

And then there's this world premiere video from Los Angeles band Apple Brains for "Frutero," off their debut album Get Fruity!  Live action, sometimes at double speed; goofy animation melded in, leading to visuals like an animated rocket ship landing in a Los Angeles park lake; a band member dressed up like a banana -- you get the idea.  All in service of a bilingual dance paean to LA's fruit vendors.

It is hyperactive, but in good ways.  It suggests that their Kindiefest performance this year could be semi-delirious.  (Also: one hopes that they will bring enough good vibes to encourage more food trucks to stop by.)

Apple Brains - "Frutero" [YouTube]