KidVid Tournament 2012: Lucky Diaz vs. Suzi Shelton

It's time for the second matchup in the KidVid Tournament 2012 Final Four.

This matchup features the only #1 seed to make all the way through to here -- the Leadbelly Region winner's Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band's "Blue Bear" -- fighting against another true (if tomboy-ish) Cinderella squad, Suzi Shelton's "Tomboy in a Princess Dress," the #8 seed which won the Pete Seeger Region.

So, watch both videos below -- even if (especially if) you came here intending to vote for a specific video. One vote per family by 8:30 PM West Coast time tonight.  Once again, play nice, y'all -- this isn't worth getting hot'n'bothered about.  Most importantly, have fun!

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - "Blue Bear" [YouTube]

Suzi Shelton - "Tomboy in a Princess Dress" [YouTube]