Andrew Bird: Indie Rock Guest Artist to the Kindie Rock Stars

bird_01.jpgIf you are a big name kids musician, who do you call in for a guest artist gig? It appears that Andrew Bird is the Justin Bieber of the kindie rock set, as he's made appearances on two big kid-friendly albums. First off was his take on Kermit the Frog's classic "Bein' Green" on The Green Album. Next up is the Dan Zanes album Little Nut Tree, which features a duet between Zanes and Bird on "I Don't Need Sunny Skies." Yes, Bird whistles.

But every good "trend" piece requires a third data point to prove the thesis, and that's what I have for you below. It's Bird's first appearance with kindie rock royalty. At the very least, a proxy appearance. Here's Bird as "Doctor Strings" on Jack's Big Music Show from 2007. There's no Laurie Berkner here, but it's hard not to smile anyway.

Andrew Bird as Doctor Strings on Jack's Big Music Show [YouTube]

Photo credit: Cameron Wittig