Video: "Baby Cloud" - Caspar Babypants (feat. Rachel Loshak)

This video for the closing track on the new Caspar Babypants album Sing Along! is every bit as beautiful as the song itself. The video is for "Baby Cloud," which primarily features the vocals of Rachel Loshak (aka Morgan Taylor's wife and a recording artist in her own right.) It's a modern folk classic, and now it has a video worthy of the song.

Caspar Babypants feat. Rachel Loshak - "Baby Cloud" [YouTube]

But wait, there's more at his YouTube page.
It's not just Caspar and Gustafer who are connected, Readeez creator Michael Rachap continues his series of videos for other kindie artists by creating a video for "Funny Bone."

Caspar Babypants - "Funny Bone" (Readeez-style) [YouTube]

Chris Ballew also helped produce a couple new books with his wife, the artist Kate Endle -- you can see previews of "Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight" and "My Woodland Wish" (and pick up free mp3s of both songs here.