Video: "Here We Go" - The Fresh Beat Band

I think it's clear that I am, at best, a wary observer of Nick Jr.'s Fresh Beat Band. After all, even though I'm not a huge fan of the term, I'd much rather cover the "kindie" artists that are taking exciting chances on making, performing, and distributing their music than spend time on color-outfitted artists. Which is why my ratio of Recess Monkey to Fresh Beat Band mentions is about 9:1 (not an exaggeration).

But I will give credit where credit is due, and this new song of theirs, "Here We Go," is pretty darn catchy. Not to mention less than two minutes long. And if you want to teach the full lyrics to your kiddo (or, they to you, because they've probably already memorized it), Nick Jr.'s got you covered. Anyway, here's a video for the song, featuring enough confetti to require a bath.

The Fresh Beat Band - "Here We Go" [Nick Jr.]