Share: The Littlest Star - Meadows

TheLittlestStar.pngLast week I told you about The Littlest Star, the first album from Meadows. Meadows is a side project from married (and parental) musicians Keith and Hollie Kenniff. I thought it was a solid album of traditional songs tweaked juuuust enough to make them listenable on repeat, plus a few originals. And I compared them to Elizabeth Mitchell. Positively.

So when Keith asked if I'd be interested in sharing The Littlest Star with you, dear readers, I said, you bet! (Note: I probably didn't actually use the phrase "you bet!," as I don't think I've said that for decades now.) So if you'd like to download the album for free (yes, for free), just click yourself over here and download the zip file. But hurry, as this free download won't be available for very long.