Share: "I'm a Vampire" - Roy Handy & the Moonshot

ImAVampire.jpgYou know how last year, it was pretty clear even in summer that Justin Roberts' "Trick or Treat" would be the Halloween song of 2010?

This year, I've got a really good feeling about Roy Handy and the Moonshot's new song, "I'm a Vampire." It's catchy, it's funny, and is, well, seasonally appropriate. And, no, it has nothing to do with True Blood or Twilight or any of those things. It's just got an excellent Old '97s-like riff.

Hopefully by the time October rolls around and the song's all over the airwaves (and your stereo), the promised RH&MS EP will be ready. In the meantime, download the song for free below.

(And here's a video...)
Roy Handy & the Moonshot - "I'm a Vampire" [YouTube]