Video: "Party Day" - The Laurie Berkner Band (World Premiere)

PartyDay.jpgThe Laurie Berkner Band have a new DVD coming out later this month. It's called Party Day! and it features 12 all-new videos of longtime Berkner favorites (see: "This Hat") and new ones (see: "Where Is The Cake?"). It also comes with a 5-song EP, which includes a new acoustic version of fan favorite "My Family."

Today, I'm proud to have for you the world premiere of Berkner's "Party Day" video. The video for this "title track" features a ladybug, banana slug, a beetle, and an ant, along with Laurie and the band and the kids dancing around in some silly hats. (Trust me, the hats make a little more sense in the context of the DVD.) It's a fun little song and video, not to mention representative of the DVD's top-notch production quality.

Party Day! is released on July 26th.