KidVid Tournament 2011 Championship: Keller Williams vs. Sugar Free Allstars

KidVid11_logo2lowres.jpgDid it start with the brackets? Or maybe even before then with the list of my favorite videos? No, KidVid Tournament 2011 really started many months if not years ago when the two artists here today first came up with the germ of an idea for a song, then followed that up with an idea for a video.

The KidVid Tournament 2011 Championship features Keller Williams and his video for "Hula Hoop to Da Loop" going up against Sugar Free Allstars and the video for "Cars and Trucks." SFA's been a giant-killer all tournament -- can they come through one more time?

This is the championship matchup when fans can sometimes get a little frenzied, so just a few reminders:
1) This is for fun. There is no money, schwag, or anything except a final congratulatory post and the self-satisfaction that your favorite artist/video won an internet popularity contest. So please balance your attitude accordingly.
2) Please watch both videos -- many of you may know who you're going to vote for, but these are both excellent videos and worth your time.
3) One vote per household please.
4) All votes are due by 9 PM West Coast time tonight (Monday).

Thanks, and have fun!

Keller Williams - "Hula Hoop to Da Loop" [YouTube]

Sugar Free Allstars - "Cars and Trucks" [YouTube]