Barbara Brousal is Back!

BBflyer_v4_lowres1.jpgIt was probably a good sign that, almost literally as I started writing this post about the first solo family show of Barbara Brousal, I got an e-mail from Brousal herself. Brousal, as many readers are no doubt aware, played guitar and sang with Dan Zanes on a number of his albums and tours. After a few years' hiatus, during which she left that band to start a family and relocate to the Boston area, she's going to play live once again. She's got a gig at the Newton Cultural Center near Boston on Saturday, May 7th at 11:00AM.
You can get tickets at Brousal's website.

Now, one of the best parts of Brousal's return is getting to hear her clear, strong voice on old DZAF favorites like "Malti" and "Mariposa Olé," but there will be other treats in store, Brousal revealed in a brief interview...

Zooglobble: This is probably your first public appearance with them, but how much have you played with your stepfather, daughter, and husband at home/with friends/etc.?
Barbara Brousal: My husband was in a couple of punk rock bands in the '90s, so I am luring him out of retirement to join me on this show [on drums]. So far, we've only played together in the basement! My stepfather, William Hogeland, has a deep and long held interest in American music [ed: see here, for example]and he has turned me on to many fantastic country, blues and folk songs which we've played on family vacations. I also led a bluegrass pickin' party for a few years in Brooklyn and played a lot with my step-dad [who plays clawhammer banjo] in that context.

AND, I have some very exciting news that just got finalized today... John Foti, whom I met during my last six months with Dan Zanes and Friends, will be joining us on accordion and harmonica!

What songs can listeners expect to hear on the 7th?
I am sure to do some favorite Spanish tunes from the DZAF records ("Malti," "Mariposa Olé"). I am excited to share a few new originals (like "Leroy's Sweater" which is on the website) and other great folk songs that I've chosen because they are so fun to sing and sing along to. My greatest joy is just to be in a room where everyone is singing together -- whether I'm in the audience or on stage.

[Ed: This is where I tell you that you also need to go to Brousal's website and check out the songs she's posted, which include some DZAF classics as well as new songs like "Leroy's Sweater" and a sweet duet with Zanes on "Rock About My Saro Jane." Do it. Now.]

Do you have plans for additional shows after this one? Aren't you also joining Elizabeth Mitchell at a show of hers?
I will be joining Elizabeth Mitchell for a couple of songs at The Brattle, and that will be a lot of fun. I am a big fan of hers! As for future shows and recordings I am thinking about it...

At one point a few years ago, there was news that you were going to release a record through Festival Five. Is that still a possibility? Are you thinking of releasing a family album through any channel?
The Festival Five record was put on a permanent hold, but luckily we dug up some great songs when we did an initial recording (like Saro Jane), and those songs are now part of the Barbara Brousal repertoire.