Christmas Songs 2011, Part II

Part 1 of my list of this year's Christmas songs for kids was out of date as soon as I hit "publish," because I realized that I'd forgotten Billy Kelly's video from Dear Santa Claus (review). Maybe I was distracted by the mindbending song. Or maybe I was just wondering if this video is Kelly's video resume for applying to direct Paranomal Activity 4: The Christmas Special.

Billy Kelly - "Glebells Jing" [YouTube]

VeryRosieChristmas.jpgI reviewed Rosie Thomas' album A Very Rosie Christmas a few years back -- it's pretty good. (Anyone who can take a Chipmunks song and turn it into something earns lots of bonus points.) Anyway, she's got a new holiday tune out -- I don't think it's quite as good as the 2008 album, but you may like it...

(Or just stream the whole holiday album here.)
Speaking of follow-ups to Christmas albums of years past, the Slugs and Bugs holiday album A Slugs and Bugs Christmas (review) has been reissued with a scripture reading and a new song, "Shepherd Dad." No, the song isn't about me (think about it...), it fits in within the religious songs of the disk as part of a production churches can put on using its music. If you're looking for secular Christmas music, this ain't it. But if that's not what you're looking for, I think you'll like this. Listen to it here.

Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke have released some fine holiday music in the past, and this year is no exception. The duo have a couple new songs out. There's "Christmas Time is Here," which actually is a gentle original tune, not a cover of the Vince Guaraldi classic (listen here). And then there's a cover of "Angels We Have Heard on High," which will have you and your kids singing "Gloooooooria" at the top of your classic rock/head-banging voices.

03 3. Angels We Have Heard On High by wildeclarke

Other notes:
-- Steve Weeks is offering up a free download of his song "Blizzard of '78" here.
-- You can download a new free track from Big Bang Boom, "That's Just Christmas," here.
-- Jeremy Plays Guitar also has a new, free holiday song available for download at his website. Not sure of the name, but worth a spin.

Finally, the socio-political implications of this song from Alastair Moock will go over the heads of younger elementary school students -- it's not a kids' song -- but in the tradition of songs like "The Elf's Lament" by Barenaked Ladies, Moock takes the point of view of Santa's helpers.

Alastair Moock - "Occupy Santa" [YouTube]

I'm leaving other stuff off the list, but that's OK, 'cause I know Part 3 will be coming next week.