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    Three Sesame Street Counting Songs

    I so enjoyed coming up with a list of counting songs from Sesame Street that I'm going to duplicate it by moving on to numbers. (No, I haven't decided if I'm going to do 3 science-related songs from the show next week.)

    First off, the show recently re-did their classic "Ladybugs' Picnic" video. This new version is done with claymation and features vocals from Langhorne Slim. But as you can guess by the fact that I'm not actually embedding that video, I prefer the old traditionally animated version and sung by Bud Luckey. It's like an old college t-shirt (or, if you're a kid, a well-loved teddy bear) -- the rough-around-the-edges nature of the original has become an asset. (I really like Elizabeth Mitchell's version, though.)

    "Ladybugs' Picnic" [YouTube]

    Moving on to another old song in new clothing, this next one won a worldwide competition to come up with new animations for the show. It's from Italian firm Florence Animation, which redid the classic pinball video (or videos -- there are 11 of 'em, actually). It's not quite as far-out there as the '70s original -- and barely retains the "pinball" theme -- but on the upside it retains the Pointer Sisters singing Walter Kraemer's tune. And it is pretty cool.

    "Pinball Number Count" [YouTube]

    I don't remember this next video from my Sesame Street days, but Edgar Turtle turns in a nice version of the folk classic "Green Grow the Rushes." I haven't been able to find out who voiced Edgar, but he has a wonderful voice.

    "Green Grow the Rushes" [YouTube]

    Did I say 3 counting songs? Oh, well, here's a fourth, an instant classic the moment it was first shown.

    Feist - "1 2 3 4" [YouTube]

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