Share: "England Swings" - The Wiggles (with Keith Urban)

LetsEat.jpgI don't typically post much about The Wiggles, but I'm not totally silent about the band. Still, even with the offer to post a free mp3, I did feel the need to give it the once-over before sharing. It's OK - you can download it. I encourage you to, even. It's the band's cover of Roger Miller's 1965 hit "England Swings," and the band's recruited fellow Australian and country music star Keith Urban to join in. It's not ground-breaking, it's not edgy, but it's kinda fun. It's also free, courtesy of Razor & Tie. I'm not really seeing how the song fits into the overall theme of their forthcoming February 1 album Let's Eat!, but, hey, they're the millionaires, not me. Stream or download the track below.

The Wiggles (feat. Keith Urban) - "England Swings" [mp3]