Fresh Freat Beat Band - Season 2 Premieres Next Week

FreshBeatBand_circus.jpgAs previously reported, Nick, Jr. greenlighted Season 2 of their show The Fresh Beat Band. And now their "hijinks and high-energy music" (which, y'know, is not a bad description of the show) will be featured in four new Season 2 episodes premiering Monday, Aug. 30 - Thursday, Sept. 2, at 11:30 a.m. ET/PT. And while future episodes promise that the band will "learn and play new styles of music, including Jazz, Conga, Bluegrass and Motown," for now fans will have to be satisfied with these 4 shows.

The Fresh Beat Band - "You Got It" [Posted with permission of Viacom]

PR descriptions of the 4 premiere episodes after the jump. Note: one sentence in each description may be less than totally truthful.

Monday, Aug. 30 "Circus Mojo" - When only some of the circus arrives, the Fresh Beats jump in to help save it for the Junior Beats. Twist and Shout claim the flying silks, Kiki performs on the floating lyra and Marina on the soft swing. The Fresh Beats find their acts harder than they expected. Marina encourages the others but then needs some encouragement of her own when asked to step in as the ringmaster. This is because the lion ate the previous ringmaster.

Tuesday, Aug. 31 "Honk Honk" - The Fresh Beats decide to order a new car online. However, when it’s delivered, it comes in 57 boxes and they can't figure out how to put it together. Shout rallies them to put the car together by following the instructions one step at a time to build a rockin’ new car! The state revenue authorities then seize the car for failing to pay use tax.

Wednesday, Sept. 1 "Camping with the Stars" - It's summer and the Fresh Beats go camping and hope to spot a shooting star. They bring their acoustic instruments so they can jam along with the sounds of nature. But it’s Twist’s first time camping and he has a lot to learn – until he saves the day by staying up and spotting shooting stars! However, since the Fresh Beats failed to bring any caffeine, they are totally grumpy the next day.

Thursday, Sept. 2 "Singin' in the Rain" - When it starts raining, Twist, Shout and Kiki run for cover, but the rain sounds inspire Marina to write a new song. When the rain suddenly stops, Marina can't finish her song. Twist, Shout and Kiki help Marina and they create an authentic "rhythm-of-the-rain" sound. In the rain, Marina kicks off a cool song and dance number with everyone wearing bright colored raincoats, hats and carrying umbrellas. The ghost of Gene Kelly shows up and tells the band that they're close to violating copyright infringement statutes.