Video: "The Little Blue Doggy" - Michelle Campagne

For those of you who think family music's become edgier over time, the following kids' song, written a half-century ago by Canadian songwriter Lionel Daunais features:
1) a locked-up kid-dog,
2) humans in cages,
3) dustmites who eat the title character, and, perhaps worst of all,
4) pipe smoking.

In spite of all this, The Secret Mountain has put together The Little Blue Doggy, a book lovingly illustrated by Marie Lafrance including a CD with songs by Daunais performed by Canadian musician Michelle Campagne and her family. You can get an idea of what you're in for by watching the video below. (Warning: includes pipe smoking.) The Little Blue Doggy is out in October.

Michelle Campagne and Family - "The Little Blue Doggy" [Vimeo]

The Little Blue Doggy from The Secret Mountain on Vimeo.

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