The Not-Its Give You A Four-Day Weekend

TimeOutToRock.jpgThe Not-Its have a new album coming out next month -- Time Out To Rock on July 20th, to be exact -- and they're making sure that everybody knows with a whole bunch of world premieres this weekend, starting tomorrow and stretching all the way into Monday.

Friday, June 25 (tomorrow!): Pied Piper Radio - "Cheetah The Buffalo"
Saturday, June 26:
- Spare The Rock, Spoil the Child - "Green Light, Go!"
- Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl - "First Kid In Outer Space"
- Ages 3 and Up - "FANTASTIC"

And that's not all. On Monday, June 28 you'll have the chance to download not one but two songs from the disk. Out With The Kids will offer up "First Kid In Outer Space" and I'll have "Welcome To Our School" for you. (And, yes, you'll want to check it out.)

Track listing after the jump.
Welcome to Our School
Time Out to Rock
First Kid in Outer Space
Green Light, Go!
Say it Loudly
Cheetah the Buffalo
Only Kids Can See
Change My Luck
Hollow Tree