Video: "Welcome to Grammaropolis" - Doctor Noize

I know, Kids Place Live listeners are probably tired of this song, seeing as its been played there for months now, but for those who haven't heard this, it's an introductory song for Grammaropolis called "Welcome to Grammaropolis" (natch) and in addition to it being an amusing song it has an amusing video to match. (Unsurprising, considering it's a Doctor Noize joint, and Cory's pretty much the funniest guy in kids music, and that's saying something.)

The song basically condenses American grammar into, like, 3 minutes. It's for people who like Schoolhouse Rock but couldn't be bothered with the whole half-hour it takes to play the Grammar Rock disk. (The lyrics can be found here should you need them.) For what it's worth, a full album covering the Grammaropolis concept -- which is actually the creation of Coert Voorhees -- is due out in 2011, but, really, why bother? Don't you and your kids know everything after watching this?

Doctor Noize - "Welcome To Grammaropolis" [YouTube]