Kindiefest 2010: Rhythm Child

RhythmChild_KF1.jpgWatching Norman Jones, the force behind Rhythm Child, can be a bit hypnotic. Those hands of his are constantly in motion; his body doesn't necessarily move a lot, but it's definitely moving in rhythm. At his Kindiefest set on Saturday night, he and his guitarist gradually got the crowd grooving and clapping hands to classic kids music standards. He apologized for not having the musical instruments he'd normally bring for the kids, but I'm pretty sure if he'd had them, the mostly adult audience dancing in the back would've taken them (as would have the kids dancing up front). By the end of his set of positive vibes, when he asked the audience for an "Amen," the audience gladly complied.

Rhythm Child - "Oh Susanna" (Live @ Kindiefest 2010) [YouTube]