Kindiefest 2010: The Hipwaders

Hipwaders_KF.jpgThe Bay Area trio The Hipwaders took advantage of their showcase at Kindiefest to play some of their hits ("Educated Kid," natch -- see below -- and "Art Car," for example) but also roll out some new songs that they've been working on. "My Dog Steve" was a crunchy rocker so new that lead singer/guitarist Tito Uquillas (he of the lovely Cort guitar) hadn't even done all the necessary copyrighting, while "Go Go Girl" has a pleasant Byrds-ian melody and ends with "ba ba bas." Sounded nice in Brooklyn; look forward to hearing it when it finally makes it to record.

The Hipwaders - "Go Go Girl" (Live @ Kindiefest 2010) [YouTube]

Two things about "Educated Kid," which I am contractually obligated to post on once every month:
1) A song "about staying curious" -- Tito's description is wonderful in its simplicity.
2) That clapping you hear about 1:15 in -- the Recess Monkey guys and others totally knew when to clap and say "uh huh uh huh uh huh." It was a very supportive audience.

The Hipwaders - "Educated Kid" (Live @ Kindiefest 2010) [YouTube]