Radio Playlist: When I Was Your Age (May 2010)

More new (old) music for the Zooglobble Radio Station. This playlist airs middays (West Coast time) and lets me go through some of the songs recorded before the invention of the mp3 -- heck, before CDs and cassettes, even. My goal here for this playlist concept (and I'll occasionally update it in the future) is to include songs originally recorded before 1990. (Did you know they recorded kids music then, too? Amazing!) I think that Trout Fishing in America song is probably newer than that, but I'd been looking for an excuse to include them. So there. If you can't catch it midday, the tracks are scattered throughout the day, too.

The Beatles - Octopus's Garden (Abbey Road)
Burl Ives - The Little White Duck (Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck)
Carole King - Chicken Soup with Rice (Really Rosie)
The Deighton Family - When You're Smilin' (Bright Spaces 2)
Harry McClintock - Big Rock Candy Mountain (O Brother, Where Are Thou? soundtrack)
John Lennon - O Yoko! (Rushmore soundtrack)
Lily Laskine - The Girl with Flaxen Hair (Bedtime Beats)
Lord Invader with the Calypso Orchestra - Merrily We Roll Along (Smithsonian Children's Music Collection)
Mike, Peggy, Barbara & Penny Seeger - The Old Hen Cackled (Best of Land of Nod Vol. 2)
The New Seekers - Free To Be... You and Me (Free To Be... You and Me)
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (Graceland)
Peggy Seeger - Mister Rabbit (Animal Folk Songs for Children)
Pete Seeger - Liza Jane (American Folk, Game & Activity Songs)
Peter, Paul & Mary - All Through the Night (Peter, Paul and Mommy)
Raffi - You'll Sing a Song (The Corner Grocery Store)
Sam Hinton - Billy Grimes the Drover (Lou Curtiss Collection)
Schoolhouse Rock - Conjunction Junction (Grammar Rock)
Suni Paz - Matarile - (Songs for the Playground)
Talking Heads - Stay Up Late (Little Creatures)
They Might Be Giants - Purple Toupee (Lincoln)
Trout Fishing in America - I Can Dance (Dance Party)
Vince Guaraldi - Linus and Lucy (Charlie Brown Christmas, plus countless others)

Due to internet radio restrictions, the playlist is in shuffle mode on the station -- songs are listed here in alphabetical order by artist (or, er, by their first names...)