Kindiefest 2010: Clementown

Clementown_KF_Kate.jpgThe band Clementown came from the Twin Cities to Sunday's Kindiefest public showcase with saxophone and quick-change artist along for the ride.

The saxophone -- well, there are few things that saxophones can't improve (oil changes? no, it'd probably improve oil changes, too), and it definitely added some funk to Kate Lynch and Chris Beaty's pop nuggets. The quick-change artist? Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures or videos, but the band was accompanied as well by a woman who acted out in costume several of the stories from "Polkabats and Octopus Slacks" (I particularly liked "Eliza's Jacket," which indeed had dozens of numbered pockets from which to pull items). Not to mention Calef Brown's illustrations (the inspiration for the whole business to begin with) projected behind them. In total, it might have been the most theatrical performance of the weekend, and that's saying a lot.

Clementown - "Bathtub Driver" (Live at Kindiefest 2010) [YouTube]

Clementown - "Kansas City Octopus" (Live at Kindiefest 2010) [YouTube]