Kids Music (Not) at SXSW

Well, there's some but you have to look hard. Although there are a number of artists here who have a kids' album under their belt (I'm listening to Tom Freund right now), this isn't a kids
music friendly conference. Which is fine.

I've got my kids music panel with Tor Hyams, Karen Rappaport McHugh, Matt Pryor, and more. 2 PM, don't miss it if you're here.

And if you need a kids music fix and want to brave the crowds at Auditorium Shores, Walter T and the Rated G's, Big Don, and Daddy-A-Go-Go isn't a bad set of music. Starts at noon.

But really, this isn't about the kids. First day in the books - eight artists. I'll have to tell you about it. When it's not 1:30 AM.