Winners Announced in the Create the Best Fake Children's Music Album of All Time Contest

figment_logo2a.jpgWhew. That's a mouthful.

Last month I partnered with the cool website Figment ("All Bands, No Music") for a contest that challenged Figment's users to create the best fake children's music album of all time.

Well, the time is at hand to announce the winners. It wasn't easy, because how exactly do you judge it? Sure, quality of album cover is a key component, but trying to create a backstory and set of song titles that paid homage to the kids music genre without going over the edge, now that's hard.

The winner and two runners-up are below, with top prize going to the self-titled debut from Mac & Cheese -- somebody needs to steal the phrase "Funshine Records." Click on the album cover to find out more about each album. (Warning: the Strum Pets album, as you might expect from that album title, was created with a tongue planted firmly in cheek and elsewhere on the body. Do not click if anyone has ever said you lack a sense of humor.) Thanks to everyone who entered -- choosing between 'em all was not an easy task. And thanks to Eric and Larry for letting me play along.

Mac&Cheese.jpgBubblegum Stew.jpgJourney to the Land of The Strum Pets.jpg