A Very Brooklyn Hanukkah

No sooner than I suggest that there wasn't much in the way of new Hanukkah music than I'm reminded of a couple YouTube videos and another song is released. Both releases, as it happens, come from Brooklyn and from folks who are, I'm pretty sure, not Jewish. But I think you'll like 'em regardless of whether you (or they) are lighting the menorah the week.

First up is Dan Zanes, who recorded a new track, "Ner Li" with collaborators Rob Friedman and Sonia De Los Santos. It's a Hanukkah song that Wikipedia reports as being popular in Israel. Zanes' version is characteristically lovely. Download it here.

Second up is Lloyd Miller from the Deedle Deedle Dees. He offers up another couple traditional tunes on his YouTube channel. Simple, but fun.

Lloyd Miller - "Oh Hanukkah!" [YouTube]

Lloyd's other video after the jump...
I love the way Miller sorta turns this into a country song.

Lloyd Miller - "The Dreidel Song" [YouTube]