Best Kids Music 2010: Top 20 Songs

Moving on in my look back at 2010's best in music for kids and families, it's time for individual songs. This is the third year (at least) that I've put together a list featuring my 20 favorite songs. It's really hard, maybe even harder than putting together a list of the best albums -- lots of really good songs get left off the list, and a number of really good albums find themselves unrepresented here. But all of them have withstood my own test of repeated spins with no diminishment in enjoyment. This alphabetical list might not necessarily make the best mix CD, but these are definitely great songs. So without further ado...

Tommy Got In Trouble - The Bazillions (Rock-n-Roll Recess) [Watch here]
Sing With Me - Haley Bonar (Sing With Me)
I'm A Monkey - Candy Band (High Five) [Watch them perform it live here]
The Princess Who Saved Herself - Jonathan Coulton (Many Hands: Family Songs for Haiti) [Listen here]
Willy Won't - Debbie And Friends (More Story Songs & Sing Alongs) [Watch here]
Blue Bear - Lucky Diaz (Luckiest Adventure) [Watch here]
Clap Your Hands - Gwendolyn And The Good Time Gang (Clap Your Hands) [Listen (to at least a healthy portion) here]
Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here! - Dean Jones featuring the Felice Brothers (Rock Paper Scissors)
The Ballad of Johnny Box - Billy Kelly (Is This Some Kind of Joke?)
Shoo Lie Loo - Elizabeth Mitchell (Sunny Day)
F & G - The Pop Ups (Outside Voices) [Listen here]
All About Bob - Ralph's World (All Around Ralph's World) [Download for free here]
Moon Boots - Recess Monkey (The Final Funktier) [Watch here]
Mama Papa Love - Renee & Jeremy (C'mon) [Listen here]
Trick or Treat -Justin Roberts (Jungle Gym) [Listen here]
Ride the Butterflies -Secret Agent 23 Skidoo (Underground Playground)
Little Red Wagon - Sugar Free Allstars (Funky Fresh And Sugar Free) [Listen here]
Rattling Can - Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke (Rise And Shine) [Listen here]
Hula Hoop To Da Loop - Keller Williams (Kids) [Watch here]
I Won't Grow Up - Dan Zanes & Friends (76 Trombones)