Video: "Science Is Real" - They Might Be Giants

If any video or song from They Might Be Giants' excellent new CD/DVD set Here Comes Science will generate controversy, it's the leadoff track "Science Is Real." "I like those stories / about angels, unicorns, and elves / Now, I like those stories / As much as anybody else / But when I'm seeking knowledge / Either simple or abstract / The facts are with science / Science is real," the Johns sing, and I suppose there are going to be a few people in the angel camp who are displeased. (I guess they can join the displeased unicorn and elvish factions.) Now, I don't actually think of this song as being anti-religion (I personally subscribe to a faith that has room for science), but there may be folks who disagree. Listen, watch, and decide for yourself (which is, uh, one of the implicit themes of the whole album).

They Might Be Giants - "Science Is Real" [YouTube]