Announcing the Top Kids Music Albums of All Time Poll

TopKidsAlbumsLogo.jpgHow many "Best Of" album lists are there (answer: about a kajillion) and how many of them are for albums recorded for kids and families (answer: none)? I mean, sure, there's the assorted list here and there, but where's the definitive list of the best kids music albums from the genre's rich history, based on the expertise of dozens, if not hundreds (thousands?) of reviewers, librarians, parents?

Right here.

Well, OK, it's not here yet. That's where you come in. I'm announcing my Top Kids Music Albums of All Time Poll, and I need (or at least would like) your participation.

The rules are fairly simple (I think):

1) By October 7, at 8:59 PM West Coast time (11:59 PM East Coast time) -- e-mail me (zooglobble AT earthlink DOT net) your list of the top 10 kids music albums of all time. Put "top kids music poll" (or something like that) in the subject line. Don't give me your list in the comments below.

2) Rank your 10 albums from most favorite (which will get 10 points) to least most favorite (which will get 1 point). If you give me 11 (or more), I'll just ignore anything after the first 10. If you give me less than 10, then you won't get all 10 points for your top choice (in other words, if you just submit 2 albums, the top one will get just 2 points). Oh, and I don't like ties -- I will simply give a higher score to the album listed first. Update: If you can write "Top" or something like that next to your top (10-point) choice, that'll just make me confident that I have the order correct.

3) Feel free to leave comments with your poll submission. I may choose to incorporate those comments into the poll results, with your attribution if you so desire. Your ballot will remain private (unless you want to publish it elsewhere) and not be published or forwarded on.

4) Artists: Don't solicit votes for your albums. It's tacky.

If you have any questions, please feel to shoot me a line. Finally, full credit for the idea goes to Elizabeth Bird at Fuse #8, who put together a fabulous Top 100 Picture Books of All Time Poll this past spring.

I'm looking forward to getting swamped with entries!