Video (and mp3): "Best Friends Forever" - AudraRox

This video from Brooklyn's AudraRox has been out there for a year now, but I'm only now just finding it. It's for "Best Friends Forever," a selection from the new Sesame Street: Being Green DVD. It's a sharp-looking video (yay for Sesame Workshop's deep pockets!) and a fun song.... which is now (newly) available for your downloading pleasure here. I love the line "Warm in the middle / cold at the ends..."

AudraRox - "Best Friends Forever"

There's more, of course.
Here's another Sesame Street-related video... this one is an animated video for a song called "Shape of Things." It wisely stops at eight-sided shapes because They Might Be Giants kinda pwned the nine-sided-shape-kids-song category with "Nonagon."

AudraRox - "Shape of Things"