As Mix Tapes Go, Kidzapalooza Volume One's a Pretty Good 'Un

KidzapaloozaVol1.jpgI previously mentioned that Tor Hyams was putting together a new label, Happiness Records, and that his first order of business was putting together a compilation album featuring folks who've played the Kidzapalooza stage. Now, that cover's not the prettiest I've ever seen and, more importantly, I'm not sure what the fate of a compilation album is in the era of the iPod. Having said that, the tracklisting makes for a pretty darn good mix tape...

1. Cool To Be Uncool - The Jimmies
2. Gotta Be Me - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
3. Cookie As Big As My Head - Lunch Money
4. The Patience Bossa - Deborah Harry/Perry Farrell
5. Nicky Nicky Knock Knock - The Dream Jam Band
6. You Make Me Feel Good - Q Brothers
7. In the Details - Lisa Loeb
8. Back In the Day - Zach Gill
9. Spring Has Sprung - Frances England
10. Skip To My Lou - Candy Band
11. Lucy's Parade - Jambo
12. Fools Will Try - Ralph Covert

I suppose there might be a few people out there who have most of these previously-released songs (and they're all probably reading this website). But as an introduction to where kids music is right now (with the exception of the old Ralph Covert track, which is excellent), it's hard to argue with the selection. Kidzapalooza Vol. 1 is out next week on Happiness Records.