Video: "Family Time" - Ziggy Marley (plus bonus video just because...)

Ziggy Marley is gearing up for the May 5th release of his Family Time family album. And what better way to gear up than by posting something on YouTube? Marley's video for the album's title track is way out in front of the 2009 competition for "Most Smiles in a Video." Also, "Most Cartwheels." (Pity, though, that it doesn't include my favorite part of the track, Marley's daughter Judah's singalong.)

Ziggy Marley - "Family Time"

(Hat tip: Warren)

Now, besides that, I should also note that Marley played the White House Easter Egg Roll. And, yes, there's video...
Judah gets to play the White House (though the mics don't pick her up too well)...

Ziggy Marley - "Family Time" (Live at the White House)

Elizabeth Mitchell duets with Marley on this track on the album; Mitchell doesn't appear at the White House, but the site of Judah singing along puts a big grin on my face.

Ziggy Marley - "Wings of an Eagle" (Live at the White House)

And, yeah, this is a pretty awesome version of "Three Little Birds"

Ziggy Marley - "Three Little Birds"