Monday Morning Smile: "Three Little Birds" - Bob Marley (Noggin)

Yes, I already told you once about the Noggin video for Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" -- the version is on the B is for Bob remix/re-imagining album from his son Ziggy. But now there's an officially sanction version on YouTube. And it's such a sweet (almost dorkily so) video, that I wanted to share again. If this had been out last month, it totally would have made KidVid Tournament 2010. Bob Marley - "Three Little Birds" [YouTube]

Remind: Ziggy, Elizabeth, (Daniel), and Jay. Tonight.

A quick reminder that Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton join Ziggy Marley on the Tonight Show, er, tonight (March 15). They'll be helping out with "I Love You Too" from Marley's Grammy-winning album Family Time. It's not the song that Mitchell helped out with on the album, but it'll do. Here's another version of the track to get you in the mood... Ziggy Marley - "I Love You Too" [YouTube]

Video: "Three Little Birds" - Bob Marley (Noggin)

Folks, you know that I wouldn't link to a non-embeddable video if it weren't really, really cool. So when I link to Noggin's video page and tell you to watch the video for Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" (right now, it's the first one in the video player) I hope you realize that it's really, really cool. It is sweet and cute in all the best ways -- that's, like, the cheeriest sun ever. The song itself is a slightly truncated version of the version on Ziggy Marley's B Is For Bob collection of Bob Marley tracks Ziggy remixed and re-imagined. More details here.

Reminder: Win "B Is For Bob" Disk

Just a friendly heads up amidst all the interviews and other stuff going on 'round here -- you have until Thursday night at 9 PM, west coast time to enter the contest to win B Is For Bob, the collection of Bob Marley songs reimagined and remixed by his son Ziggy. There are a couple copies available -- go here for all the deets. (That's what the kids say these days, right? "Deets?" Sigh. Should've stuck with "details.")

Contest: Win Bob Marley's "B Is For Bob"

BIsForBob.jpgA couple months back, I told you about the latest Bob Marley album, a collection of his most popular tracks, 8 of which have been remixed and tweaked by his son, 4-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley, with another four in their original versions. Well, now I'm happy to be able to offer a couple lucky Zooglobble readers the chance to win the new CD, courtesy of Universal and Ziggy. It was released last week, and I think both longtime Bob Marley fans and the most casual of reggae fans will find something to enjoy here. (Plus, the CD unlocks bonus online digital content including coloring book pages and a sing-a-long music video plus a one-year subscription to Parents magazine.) All you have to do to enter is to comment below with your suggestions for musical artists for the alphabet -- "M is for Mozart," for example, or maybe "E is for Ella" (Jenkins or Fitzgerald, take your pick). I'll pick 2 winners at random. All entries due by 9 PM West Coast time Thursday, July 9; one entry per family, please. Good luck!

Review: Family Time - Ziggy Marley

FamilyTime.jpgI'll start this review of Family Time, the first kids music album from Ziggy Marley, by saying that I'm not a big reggae fan. So, when I put my review copy into the CD player my expectations were low. Saying that the album exceeded my expectations, then, would be somewhat like damning with faint praise. So let me put it this way: Family Time is a lot of fun, regardless of what music your family likes. Unsurprisingly, there's a pleasant, laid-back vibe to the album which is one of its greatest strengths. "I Love You Too," for example, with Marley's mom Rita and his sister Cedella, won't change the world but its simple groove will probably put a smile on your face. "Take Me To Jamaica" features a fun duet between Marley and reggae legend Toots Hibbert. And my favorite moment on whole CD might just be when Marley's daughter joins in on the singing on the title track. It certainly isn't polished, but it's exactly that feeling of recording amongst friends and family that takes this album so far. As for the rest of the guest stars, some of it works, some of it doesn't so much. Generally, I liked the female singers -- it's hard to go wrong with two of the best voices in the kids music genre, and Elizabeth Mitchell and Laurie Berkner don't disappoint on their tracks. The male guest stars, not so much -- it's not that Willie Nelson and Paul Simon are bad, just that they don't really add much to the track. And the placement of not one but two Jamie Lee Curtis narrations (one Marley's, one hers) back-to-back at the end of the disk is just plain odd. (Interspersed earlier in the disk, and it might have worked...) The 45-minute album might be targeted to kids ages 3 through 7, but I think a lot of adult fans will find the album eminently listenable as well. You can find samples throughout the internet, the title track on his Myspace page. Ziggy Marley has said that he hoped to make Family Time an album which could be passed down from generation to generation. And while I don't know if it's a timeless classic, there's no doubt that it's worthy of some repeat play. Definitely recommended.