"Three Little Birds" Seems Obvious, No?

OK, yeah, we've already mentioned that Ziggy Marley is releasing Family Time, his first album for kids and families, next month. But now comes word via Billboard that he'll follow that a June release of a set of Bob Marley songs, revised and remastered with a children's audience in mind. According to Billboard, Marley took the original masters of eight classic songs and revised the instrumentation and arrangements, even using some of his father's alternate vocal tracks.

"It's a very different vibe, but still real Bob. It's not like fake Bob. It's still the real Bob...It's Bob singing and I'm playing, like an acoustic session almost. Anything I did on this record is soulful and musical. There's no gimmicks. I'm keeping true to the spirit of my father, to the spirit of his music."
I'm curious, though I'm not sure what Ziggy could do to make songs like "Three Little Birds" even more accessible. Also: isn't everybody in the world required to own Legend? What's the market for this new album?

In more Ziggy-specific news, Marley, who played the White House Egg Roll this morning, also "hopes to 'double up' and play special children's and family shows" during his tour with 311 this summer.