See, This Video Is From A Book...

I know, I know, I'm spending a lot of time this week on videos (go now -- vote on TMBG vs. Shana Berry or Mark Kozelek vs. Egg), but thought I'd do something different.

You know, post a YouTube video about a song associated with a book.

It's from Trout Fishing in America, and it's the title track from their book My Name is Chicken Joe. It features 11 songs (track listing after the jump) and the storybook featured in the video below. I like curling up with a book better, but the video gives you a good idea what to expect.

My Name is Chicken Joe is out April 7 on Secret Mountain.

Trout Fishing in America - "The Ballad of Chicken Joe"

Track listing:
1. Chicken Joe
2. My Best Day
3. I Can Dance
4. Something Sweet
5. It's a Puzzle
6. Fill It Up
7. Why I Pack My Lunch
8. La La Land
9. Boiled Okra and Spinach
10. Hard Ball
11. Count On Me