KidVid Tournament 2009: Mark Kozelek vs. Egg

Our other matchup in the Leadbelly Region for KidVid Tournament 2009 is a matchup of the #2 seed vs. the #3 seed. It's Mark Kozelek's "Bedtime Lullaby" (from the Yo Gabba Gabba! TV show) going up against Egg's video for "Night Time Party" off their debut Sunny Side Up!

Comments welcome below, but the videos and the all-important official poll are after the jump. All votes due by midnight tonight (Tuesday) East Coast time. One vote per person, please. And play nice as always.
Mark Kozelek - "Bedtime Lullaby"

(Sorry, folks, it's been pulled from YouTube since I first posted it. You'll have to go to Lippy's page for the video to watch it.)

Egg - "Night Time Party"