New Music From Frances England: "Sunset Shines On Me"

This is how much I trust Frances England and her music.

For the life of me I can't get this video to work, but it's new music from Frances, celebrating her kids' preschool, Sunset Co-op Nursery School in San Francisco. Seeing as her career got started from recording Fascinating Creatures as a preschool fundraiser, I'm guessing she likes the place.

So I'm posting it in hopes that you'll tell me what it sounds like. (And eventually I'll get it to work myself.)

Update: I got a chance to hear it last night. My instincts were correct. For somebody unconnected to the school, it was a pleasant chance to hear Frances sing about something meaningful to her. I'm sure those connected to the school loooove the song.

Sunset Shines On Me from Frances England on Vimeo.