Concert Recap: Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players (Phoenix, March 2009)

Justin_NR4NP_1.jpgOne of the things you don't really appreciate if you've spent time putting on small shows or Family Music Meltdowns (Austin division) is how much time it takes to set up a Big Show. I'm not just talking about the all the work leading up to the day of the big event -- I'm talking about the big day itself. Sure, I've been to the Austin Kiddie Limits stage a couple times, but that was always after everything was set up (and before everything was taken down).

So I spent basically a good part of 4 hours helping to get Church of the Beatitudes ready for the Justin Roberts concert this past weekend and another 2 hours after it ended. Bringing in the backline (drums, amps, additional speakers, etc.). Setting it up. Welcoming the band (hi, guys and gal!). Getting the instruments and voices warmed up. Running through sound-check which, for a band which has as many singers and multi-instrumentalists as Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players has, takes a while, even with a pro running the soundboard. All the other little things and then...


As I would have expected, the band sounds great in concert. They ran through a set of song selections from every Justin album, including all the big hits ("Pop Fly," "Our Imaginary Rhino," "Yellow Bus"). No "Cartwheels and Somersaults" or "Fruit Jar," but I wasn't really expecting them to do the latter (nor was I surprised by "Cartwheels'" absence. Show was only an hour long, after all.) And Roberts is good at getting the healthy-sized crowd (for Phoenix) involved with a lot of the songs -- I never would've expected "She's A Yellow Reflector" to lend itself to crowd participation, but there it was...

And just like that, it was over. Good time.

Justin Roberts - "Pop Fly" (Live)

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Justin Roberts - "My Brother Did It" (Live)

Justin Roberts - "Willy Was a Whale" (Live)