Robert Schneider Is Really Enthusiastic About Robbert Bobbert

I'm just about ready to post a review of the self-titled debut album from Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine, but before I do, I thought the clip below (from ABC News' "Amplified" program) was a decent enough interview with Robbert Bobbert himself, Robert Schneider. It starts out focusing a little bit on recording tracks for the next Apples in Stereo album, but then moves into talking about the kids CD.

Schneider is an animated man, but I've seen just enough of him to realize that's just the way he is. "Spastic," he self-deprecatingly calls himself before modifying that to "enthusiastic." Props, too, to Schneider for calling "Pop Goes the Weasel" a great pop song.

(Note: minor ad prior to piece. Ad seems to change from time to time. Will it turn into the 2009 version of the great Laurie-Berkner-hair-debate, who knows?)