Key Wilde, Mr. Clarke, and a Greasy Little Monster

RiseAndShine.jpgOne of the cool parts of doing the kids music website thing is that folks let slip all sorts of interesting news via Facebook or in e-mails to me. News about shows, albums, collaborations, etc.

Of course, unless somebody specifically says, "run with that" I don't actually mention it on the site. If I don't have something public to cite, then, well, I don't post.

So I'm glad that I finally -- finally! -- get to announce, like, three different bits of news I've known for a some time now. Four, maybe -- depends how you're counting.

First, and most importantly, the great duo Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke have signed with Little Monster Records. That's the cover for the album -- Rise and Shine! -- that'll be coming out later this spring at the top. If you haven't heard their stuff, I highly recommend that you get on over to their site and listen to some older versions of the tracks on the CD (all the tracks have been subsequently modified in some way for the album).

But that's not all...

The main Little Monster page gives a name for a new Little Monster compilation -- Magical Creatures and Other Pets -- which will feature KWMC, Ralph & Ralph, and other folks. Unless something's changed, the other folks include some artists not currently on the Little Monster label and I think will be definitely one of the cooler kid-comps of the year...

... Along with Belinda and Hova's Greasy Kid Stuff - Songs From Inside the Radio Vol. III, which will feature the awesome track "Favorite Names."

So, yeah, I'm glad to get that off my chest.