ACL Fest (Austin Kiddie Limits) 2008: The Festival in Video

As I'm starting to wrap up coverage of the 2008 Austin City Limits Festival and the Austin Kiddie Limits stage, I thought it might be nice to add some video to go along with the pictures and words I've been posting. So read on ahead for a whole bunch of sights and sounds (simultaneously) from this weekend's activities. Not just the usual suspects -- the Jimmies and Uncle Rock and Buck Howdy -- but also some other artists and other stages...
Friday, Sept. 26 (recap)

I probably had more fun on this day than any other, just because I got to see some awesome sets on my own in addition to hanging around the AKL stage. I started off the day at Austin Kiddie Limits...

Uncle Rock - "Sugar Talkin'"

The Q Brothers - "How It Was"

Jambo - "Ladybug Boogie"

After some wandering around in the wilderness and having Miss Mary Mack picked up by my brother, I headed back to the Festival to stand around in packed crowds hearing some great music.

Mates of State - "You Are Free"

I know the video for this David Byrne song is distracted, but the audio is decent. I only wish there was more zoom in on the dancers... in office chairs. Totally hypnotic.

David Byrne - "Life Is Long"

Saturday, Sept. 27 (recap)

Less video here because I didn't attend as many sets...

Buck Howdy with BB - "Baked Beans"

The Jimmies - "Birthday Party"

Sunday, Sept. 28 (recap)

And finally, Sunday... and a second Jimmies video, plus not one but two videos from Nicole Atkins and the Sea's set at the AKL stage...

The Jimmies - "Kids Wanna Rock"

Nicole Atkins and the Sea - "The Unicorn"

Nicole Atkins and the Sea - "Brooklyn's On Fire"