Who Knows If Your Kids'll Go For This?

Most of the time, I'm pretty much a strict constructionist when it comes to kids music -- if it ain't geared for the kids in some way, I'm not covering it.

But, hey, why not bend the rules a little bit. I missed this news a couple weeks back, but The Broken West just posted a new track from their new album on Merge to their Myspace page. "Perfect Games" has got the great laid-back power-pop vibe (if such a thing can exist that made their debut I Can't Go On, I'll Go On so much fun to listen over and over. Just shy of a great album.

Really, go now, listen to the new track, then go listen to "Down in the Valley," "On the Bubble," and "So It Goes," and tell me that's not some crunchy pop goodness right there. Your kids will wait for you.