New Music From the Terrible Twos' "Jerzy the Giant"

I told you a while back about the Terrible Twos' new album, Jerzy the Giant. OK, I said the album was coming out July 28th on Vagrant, and I was wrong about that -- it's July 29th -- but that's less than a month away.

Anyway, Matt Pryor and the band have finally posted three tracks from the album at their Myspace page, and they're worth the six minutes or so of your time -- "Old Man Miller," "Big Baby J," and "Archibald McAllister" are fair representive tracks, continuing the band's mixture of sweet and occasionally sour. It's hard to kvetch with a song ("Archibald") that features a) a sing-along, and b) the word "malodorous".

You'll have to wait awhile for the review here, but if you like those tracks, you can feel safe in pre-ordering the album.