More Pop Fly Details

For those of you awaiting the release of Justin Roberts' next CD, Pop Fly, his latest newsletter has a treasure trove of info. (For those of you who don't care, his latest newsletter still has a treasure trove of info, though I suspect little of it would interest you.)

First off, the tracklisting, 11 JR originals, produced by Liam Davis.

1. Pop Fly
2. She's a Yellow Reflector
3. Big Field Trip
4. Henrietta's Hair
5. The Backyard Super Kid
6. From Scratch
7. Stay-at-Home Dad
8. She Sits
9. Giant-Sized Butterflies
10. Kickboard, Baby, Yeah
11. Fruit Jar

Second, Roberts' trumpet player Dave Winer is putting together a video for the title track and is looking for close up pictures "of your child or your inner-child" to be assembled into a giant collage. No word if this going to turn into some sort of "Where's Waldo?"-like hunt. Anyway, for details, check out Roberts' Journal page.