Recess Monkey Plays For World Dignitary, Screaming 6-Year-Olds

RecessMonkeyHands.jpgYou know, when Recess Monkey recorded "I Went to the Zoo (w/the Dalai Lama)" on their debut CD, Welcome to Monkey Town, I don't think they were engaging in wish fulfillment.

But the Dalai Lama is visiting Seattle in April as part of the Seeds of Compassion event and on April 12, the band is essentially going to be the Dalai Lama's opening act, a sweet gig if there ever was one. (Because, hey, nobody going to see the Dalai Lama is going to boo them for not playing "Stairway to Heaven.")

And for those of you going to Recess Monkey's shows this weekend and a couple weeks from now as part of the recording for their upcoming July album Tabby Road or if you're just curious about the new album, click ahead, why don't you, and see the tracklisting...
01 birthday bite
02 pedal power
03 sleepover
04 the sandbox song
05 kitty sister
06 dr. wiggle
07 kc in the clouds
08 under my bed
09 green monster
10 my yeti's so cool
11 robin the sugar goblin
12 messy nessy
13 boogie monster
14 mummy don't allow
15 little dragon
16 monster truck
17 wolfman

Tracks 9 through 16 are a monster medley a la the Beatles' Abbey Road, natch. And in the end...

Photo credit: Kevin Fry