Video: "Good Day" - Tally Hall

I don't talk a lot about music that isn't specifically kids' music, but that guideline's never stopped me before from veering into stuff for the adults.

And so when I saw the video below for Tally Hall's "Good Day," I thought, hey, that's worth posting. For one thing, it's a really cool song. For another thing, it's a really cool video. The punchline to the video will probably go over your kids' heads, but the video and the song is pretty kid-friendly. Especially if you and your kid are able to process rapidly-changing cuts and about 8 different tempo changes.

"Good Day" is from Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, which is being re-released by Atlantic Records on April 1. (You can hear "Good Day" and more at their Myspace page.)

Now, I'm hardly the first person to the Tally-Hall-for-the-kids party (Clea mentioned this very song more than 18 months ago), but there really is a kids' music connection here...

3/5ths of the band are the voices for the Happy Monster Band on Playhouse Disney, which runs in 5-minute "American Idol"-inspired snippets on weekday mornings. I believe they've also written (or at least recorded) the music. The lyrics are your basic "do good" stuff targeted at 3-year-olds, but the music itself is surprisingly susceptible to repeat listening.

Now, I would be happy to direct you to the video player at the Playhouse Disney site if indeed said video player actually, say, played videos there. But it's been incredibly spotty in its playback, so instead I'll go back to Youtube. You can find "Scare Up Some Fun," "Do the Monster Stomp," and "Get Up and Go Go Go" there. And you can watch the best of 'em, "I Will Be Your Friend," below:

(Note: video oddly ends mid-song. Try your luck with the videoplayer if you want more.)