ACL Fest (Austin Kiddie Limits) 2008: The View from Miss Mary Mack

UncleRockACL08Drawing.jpgSo I've been writing a lot about the 2008 edition of the Austin City Limits Festival and about the Austin Kiddie Limits stage in particular, but I thought I'd let Miss Mary Mack have a few words about her experience...

Zooglobble: So who was your favorite musician or band?
Miss Mary Mack: Uncle Rock. [That's her rendition of Uncle Rock there on the left -- that's Robert's 9-year-old son Jack, who accompanied him on stage, wearing his big hat on the right.]
JamboACL08Drawing.jpgWho else did you like?
The Lannaya Dance Ensemble, mr. RAY, the Jimmies, and Buck Howdy. [Oddly enough, she didn't mention Jambo, even though she drew them as well. Then again, she didn't quite see an entire set of theirs.]

What was your favorite thing to do?
Listen to the music.

[Small sigh.] OK, but, besides listening to music at the festival...
Watching the Lannaya dancers and the breakdancers. [They performed during the musical breaks.]

What was the worst thing about the festival?
I do not know.

What was the best thing to eat and drink?
Lemonade and kettle corn.

And there you have it, the view of ACL/AKL from the 2nd-grade-set.