New Music From Astrograss

The New York band Astrograss has, at least in its music for kids, always had an affinity for words -- after all, its first EP for kids (review here) set its bluegrass-y jazz (or jazzy bluegrass) to the lyrics of Shel Silverstein.

So it's no surprise that the first song the band's made available from their upcoming album, tentatively called Let Me Stay Up All Night continues with the fanciful wordplay. Called "There Their They're," it includes the zen-like phrase, "Someday, when I learn to spell 'spell'..." and is set to Astrograss' adventurous musical stylings.

Plenty of kids' bands say that they don't sound like anyone else -- Astrograss is one of the few that can back up that claim.

Listen to (and download) "There Their They're" here. Let Me Stay Up All Night is out March 9.