If I Can Make Just A Small Difference in the World

Many months ago, I had this crazy idea that instead of giving away a copy of the Deedle Deedle Dees' excellent album Freedom in a Box (really, top 10 of 2007 for me!) to a reader, I'd give away a copy of the album to a school or library designated by a reader. All readers needed to do to enter was to suggest a historical figure the Dees could write a song about.

And then chief Dee songwriter Lloyd Miller had this crazier idea of actually writing the song.

Loyal reader Katy was randomly selected to win this contest, having suggested not one but four figures, including Amelia Earhart. And while I've heard the resulting song before, Bill has now sent it onto the internet, not once but twice, first on this weekend's Spare The Rock show and then at a benefit show later that day, from which the very brief clip below comes from.

It's lots of fun.